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Thank You

Thank you for your interest in supporting Pray Up. Joseph, the creator of Pray Up, created this page to raise support for this vision. Joseph has a schedule laid out on the events page that shows the time he commits to pray at churches, and he has to drive to and from locations. Pray Up is currently enrolled in Elevate ventures, helping Joseph prepare for the Nexus Pitch Competition in Indianapolis, Indiana. Joseph will be presenting this app idea strategically to raise capital for the Pray Up App development.

Below are Bi-weekly commitments to send Joseph a gift of 5, 10, 20, or 50 dollars every two weeks so he can continue doing Pray Up full-time. For each gift, you will get special merchandise.

Joseph and his partner David also have created a business called “Creaidiv”. They both give their clients expert-level work for videography and website development, design, and maintenance; this is another way you can help them stay full-time and committed to this ministry. For more information, email (The above video for Pray Up is an example of Joseph’s work, and this site was designed by David, the director of technology for Pray Up.

How this works

Click one of the icons below to commit to a gift for travel, or app development. If you would like to do a one-time donation, either cash app Pray Up at $Prayupllc or email (email for Paypal). Each bi-weekly commitment comes with a gift from us; details below.

For a $5 bi-weekly commitment, you get a Pray Up Car Magnet; for a $10 bi-weekly commitment, you get a Pray Up Hat (choose color), for a $20 bi-weekly commitment, you get a Pray Up Shirt (choose color), and for a $50 bi-weekly commitment you get a Pray Up T-shirt, a Pray Up Hat, a Pray Up Magnet.

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